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Fire Eating Workshop

Event Details

This has got to be one of the Classic Events.
Go on, It Must Be On Your List of "Got to do's".
If you are not sure about doing it then ask around and find out what a great day it is!!!!

The morning session comprises a thorough programme of games and exercises done as a group, designed to boost confidence and team spirit, and to prepare members for the challenge of safety, learning this dangerous and esoteric skill. It’s lots of fun but never the less taken seriously as danger is ever present, so no messing about on this one.

The day culminates in the incredible sight of all the team swallowing firebrands and for a grand finale a team photo of everyone flame throwing!

When you complete the day you won't just learn a new skill, you will get a mega boost to your confidence and self-esteem, which lasts long after the event. A lot of people make Fire Eating their party piece, firebrands are for sale at a modest extra cost, so bring some cash!

You will need to wear loose clothing with few buttons and buckles as possible and not flimsy or flowing of course. There is a lot of rolling around too, so old clothes you don't mind getting dirty or smelly, also bring warm outdoor clothing/waterproofs just in case of inclement weather.

Each must bring along the following:
-A full size bottle of White Spirit(the one sold at B & Q is best)
-A large old Towel
-A Bottle of full fat milk (or flavoured milk drink)
-Tube of Savlon or similar barrier cream
-Headbands if you have long hair
-camera & film (or whatever the modern equivalent is)
-lunch money or a packed lunch.

Please be aware that there are dangers and hazards associated with this event. There will be a special disclaimer to sign on the day.

You MUST pre-book & pay by contacting Spice & cannot just turn up on the night due to limited spaces on bookings!

Event Location

Venue Concord Sports Centre
Place Sheffield
Location Shiregreen Lane
S5 6AE

Event Date

Starts: 17/06/2012, Time: 10:30
Ends: 17/06/2012, Time: 16:00



Guest - £46.50


Our office hours are mainly Mon-Fri 10am-5pm.
<br />There is always a 24hr answerphone & we will always get back to you.

Telephone 0114 2889997

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